Rencana dan Jalan Tuhan
Jumat 2 Maret 2018

First Reading: Genesis 37:3-4,12-13,17b-28a
Psalm Response: Ps 105:16-21 (with 5a) 
Gospel Reading; Matthew 21:33-43,45-46

Jesus said to the chief priests and the elders of the people:
“Hear another parable.
There was a landowner who planted a vineyard,
put a hedge around it,
dug a wine press in it, and built a tower.
Then he leased it to tenants and went on a journey.
When vintage time drew near,
he sent his servants to the tenants to obtain his produce.
But the tenants seized the servants and one they beat,
another they killed, and a third they stoned.
Again he sent other servants, more numerous than the first ones,
but they treated them in the same way.
Finally, he sent his son to them,
thinking, ‘They will respect my son.’
But when the tenants saw the son, they said to one another,
‘This is the heir.
Come, let us kill him and acquire his inheritance.’
They seized him, threw him out of the vineyard, and killed him.
What will the owner of the vineyard do to those tenants when he comes?”
They answered him,
AHe will put those wretched men to a wretched death
and lease his vineyard to other tenants
who will give him the produce at the proper times.”
Jesus said to them, ADid you never read in the Scriptures:

The stone that the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone;
by the Lord has this been done,
and it is wonderful in our eyes?

Therefore, I say to you,
the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you
and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”
When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables,
they knew that he was speaking about them.
And although they were attempting to arrest him,
they feared the crowds, for they regarded him as a prophet.

Shalom semuanya,
Didalam Injil hari ini, Yesus menceritakan lewat perumpamaan tentang penolakkan bangsa Israel terhadap diriNya. Yesus ditolak dan dibunuh oleh bangsa Israel. Kerajaan Allah semula milik bangsa Israel -diambil dan diberikan kepada suatu bangsa (baca: umat Kristiani) yang akan menghasilkan buah Kerajaan itu.   
Tuhan sanggup merubah bencana atau musibah menjadi berkat. Jalan bengkok menjadi jalan lurus. Rancangan dan Jalan Tuhan tidak sama dengan rancangan dan jalan kita.
Seperti bacaan pertama hari ini dimana Yusuf dibuang dan dijual oleh saudara/inya kepada pedagang Mesir. Tuhan memakai Yusuf sebagai penyelamat keluarga dan bangsanya ketika bangsa Israel tertimpa bencana bahaya kelaparan.
By holding tight to God’s hand, letting Him lead us while remembering that He is always working a plan for our good (see Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28) and that therefore we can and should trust in His care, we, too can have hope and joy even while we suffer in anguish (
Sudahkah kita berpasrah kepada Tuhan? Sudahkah kita berjalan bersama Tuhan didalam setiap kehidupan dan pergumulan kita?
“Sebab rancanganKU bukan rancanganmu, dan jalanmu bukan jalanKu, demikianlah firman Tuhan” (Yes: 55:8)
Lagu: Arti KehadiranMu by Jonathan Prawira
God loves us,
Suhardi, Haryati dan Samuel
sel dewasa dan sel remaja St Dominic of Holy Rosary, Sydney, Australia