Bacaan Pertama:   Neh8:1-12;
Mazmur:                 Mzm19:8-11;
Bacaan Injil:           Luk10:1-12;

Shallom teman-teman,

As a human being we tends to admire those who are successful, smart, rich, beautiful, famous etc.

The definition of success seems to be limited to what the eyes can see.

Fortunately, we have a God who sees our heart. He appreciate our effort to follow him. He understand our struggle and still loves us even when we fall times and times again.

Today we celebrate St. Therese of the child Jesus. Her life is a living testimony of how God value the love we pour in the little things that we do, even if it seems menial to others.

Our greatness should not be based on how much money we make, what things we have, our social status but it should be based on how much we love Him and others.

The Psalm today reminded us that the fear of the Lord, following His command is more important and more beautiful than gold, sweeter than honey.

“You are God who has everything, but still You want me.”


Ferdi, Ira & Fam
Cell St Zakaria & Elizabeth, Singapore